The Hepburn Family

My mother's parents both emigrated to British Columbia from Scotland, separately, in 1910. James Hepburn arrived by himself in Nanaimo, finding an engineering job with a coal mining company. His wife to be, Margaret Smith, arrived with her parents and nine other siblings, that same year. Her father and several brothers found work at the same coal company where James worked. James and Margaret had a family of four most of whom lived their lives in BC. My mother was the exception, moving to Ontario after the Second World War to raise her family.

James Hepburn recorded a significant amount of his family history in a 200 page memoir which is posted to the Lochwinnoch Village website. He also created an amazing family tree for the Orr family of Lochwinnoch Scotland. This family was fairly well to do and had large numbers of children. The Orr family is spread around the world and numerous researchers are working on pieces of this puzzle.

Our recorded knowledge of the Hepburn family has grown in the last few years. Several cousins have contributed to the database and more is expected. The descendants tree for Andrew Hepburn of Aird provided below includes a fair bit of new information. Details on the descendants of my grandfather's Uncle John (see Hepburn Pictures page 4) have been added to the private side of the site.

Links to information on families related to the Hepburn's have been updated. This includes the most famous 'son', Sir Andrew Graham Gilchrist and the Orr families of Woodstock, Ontario. (see the links below)

Great Grandfather Hepburn's Pedigree

James Thomas Orr Hepburn was born in an apartment above the bake shop
that his grandfather ran in Biggar, Lanark, Scotland

Hepburn Family Images

Several pages of old family photographs.

Oldest Known Hepburn Ancestors

My research into the family roots has yielded limited results.

John the Jailer A very interesting Hepburn ancestor who served with the Scots Greys at the time of the battle of Waterloo but didn't actually get there. He was the Governor of the Lanark Prison in the late 1830's.
Descendants Tree of Andrew Hepburn A family tree on one sheet, pdf format.
Descendants of Andrew Hepburn of Aird Andrew was born in Aird, Riccarton Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland.

The Smith Side

Great Grandmother Smith's Pedigree Margaret McLean Smith was born in West Calder, Edinburgh, Scotland.
She was the fourth of 13 children.
Neil McLean Smith's Story A story about the life of my great grandfather.
Descendants of John Smith Our earliest known Smith ancestor. Lived his life in Libberton Parish of Lanarkshire, near the town of Biggar.
The Smith Family of Libberton A close look at the Smith Ancestors who lived in the Parish of Libberton, Lanarkshire Scotland.
William Smith of Coltness Neil Smith's brother William had a rather large family.
He was a well known agricultural expert.

Hepburn Related Families

Crawford Gilchrist Orr


I have recieved a lot of data from two Orr researchers. Bill Brady who has recorded the history of the Orr's who settled in Chateauguay Quebec and Martyn Taylor of London England who is a distant Orr cousin. Bill has also contributed Orr data to a Chateauguay Pioneers site which details a branch of the Orr family that settled in Quebec.

Many thanks as well to cousins Jamie Hepburn from England and Alan Kennedy from Toronto for help with their respective Hepburn branches.

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